Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lessons Learned from the Garden

Each spring, as I am trying to banish the ravages of winter from my landscaping and gardens. I am reminded how hearty the weeds are and how invasive. Whether the weather is cold, we are in a drought, or if it is hot and humid, weeds adapt and often thrive! More importantly, they keep on growing and pushing through to wreak havoc in my gardens.

Marshal Garden Tour 2016

As I work in my flower beds, pulling the weeds and tilling the soil, I am often hit with the analogy of the weeds. Weeds are much like the 'bad' in life. They take constant work to keep them from overtaking my garden and they easily thrive in the worst of times. It takes constant energy and effort to keep the weeds from taking control.

Marshall Garden Tour 2016

Like the weeds, it is easy to let the negative creep in. A constant battle with Satan to banish the negative and keep focused on the good. But just like the weeds, if we persevere in keeping the negative from creeping into our minds, soon we will see the world with a different perspective. In our gardens, if we persist in pulling the weeds to allow the beautiful plants to grow, soon our gardens will flourish and the beauty will outshine the ugly.

Side yard garden

Yes, it takes time. It takes care. But it is worth all the effort. The Bible says 'in all things be content.' I believe that the road to contentment is to persistently work at pushing the bad and negative out and allowing the gratitude and gratefulness to flow in.

Time to get back in the garden! Enjoy your weekend.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Should I Paint?

We have lived in this house since 2004 and 12 years I have been mulling over my brick fireplace. 

You see my house is a 70s built traditional 2-level house with the 'family' room in the back that has a brick fireplace that fills the. whole. wall. Seriously.

This is the fireplace in our back room. 
When we moved in the mantel was dark wood and the bookcases had dark brown paneling lining the back and the shelves and frame was all dark wood. Because the room has one patio door for natural light, this made for a VERY dark room. Additionally the wainscotting was also the same dark brown paneling. So in my efforts to lighten the fireplace and room I white washed the mantel and added the decorative element, painted the shelves white and actually added a gold metallic glaze over the top of the brick to make it shine and reflect light.

White washed mantel and painted shelves brighten the space.

I have been on the brink of an update but have hesitated every time. Why you might ask? Because once you paint brick there is no turning back (well unless you sand blast it!). So I wanted to be very sure that it was the right thing to do.

After seeing a Fixer Upper episode the last week of February of The Severn's I loved the shiplap and painted brick combo fireplace redo. Which has started me thinking it all over again and I realize it is time to take the plunge.

The Severn's home remodel and updated fireplace from Fixer Upper.

While this is my inspiration, the end result will be my own version of this. Besides, it is the first step in a whole room update which is long over due!

Stay tuned for the final results!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever painted and updated an old brick fireplace? Were you satisfied with the end result? Would you do it again?

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